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  • Rita Romero has been a pivotal part of our families growth and development. Rita has provided us with the tools required, to confidently navigate through life's peaks and valleys. Not only did Rita handle our needs with precise professionalism, but she did it with an unmeasurable amount of compassion. We are sincerely grateful to her in leading us to be our most excellent selves.

    Melissa C. San Diego, CA

  • Rita is wonderful. When I initially reached out she wasn't able to take me because she was full (she is very popular). However she agreed to take me on after hearing my story. I really have a different perspective on life as a result of our sessions. Rita has opened my eyes up to mindfulness exercises which has allowed me to find balance in the day to day. I am very grateful that I've had the opportunity to work with her. 8/1/2018 John P, San Diego, CA

    I have been working with Dr. Romero for a few years now, and she has guided me down a path I never would have found on my own. (or found as quickly) She possesses an innate skill to read between the lines and pick up the subtle nuances that are markers of the real issues I face. With kindness and compassion Dr. Romero is a capable and brilliant choice, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who has troubles in the area of trauma, relationships, and overall goal setting. Her trans-formative and objective style has really aided me in becoming an even better person after all the issues I have been working through.

    Nicolas A., Encinitas, CA

  • I feel fortunate to be a client of Dr. Romero's. I researched psychologists that had practices near my home and after reading about her through her website, I felt confident that her specialties and experience would provide me with what I needed. I felt comfortable after our initial session and have continued seeing her for over a year. She works with my availability and is flexible when I need to reschedule. She is warm, extremely knowledgeable, insightful, and empathetic. I have learned a tremendous amount about myself with her guidance that I hold invaluable. I highly recommend her.

    Tory P., Ramona, CA

  • Having recently relocated to SD from DC and having some depression issues, I stumbled around looking for a talk therapist and friends suggestions just weren't a fit. And then Rita came into my life and the malaise of moderate depression and strong anxiety started to lift. Of course, it didn't happen during the first session; but even then Rita exuded the kind of insight, caring and confidence that let me know I was going to feel better. And alas, so it is that the fog of depression is lifting. In only a few months, Rita's approach has restored enough of my self esteem to regain the strength to name and rage against my demons, as opposed to succumbing to self doubt. Her interpersonal skills are so versatile, she can shift approaches to a client's needs on a dime. I most always leave each session, which many times are quite heavy, with a sense of optimism and a road map to fight my my back to the clear air where I find some relief. Progress continues on a steady path and I look forward each week to our sessions. I guess it is obvious by now; I highly recommend this fine therapist.

    Phil C., Carlsbad, CA

  • I've been a patient for several months now, and she's been great. I am very pleased and I would gladly recommend her to anyone who needs her.

    Jenessa S., Poway, CA