• Adolescents

  • Adolescent therapy incorporates a variety of methods used to help children or adolescents with their behavior, emotions, and relationships. They may be able to share their feelings and resolve problems through talking, drawing, building, play therapy, and pretending. These avenues of expression allow them to resolve conflicts, understand their feelings and issues, receive emotional support, and rehearse new solutions to their recurring problems. Goals can include better communication, better decision-making skills, motivation, effective task organization and time management, self-esteem, anxiety management, and healthy relationships, among others. 

    Let our team of experts help if your teen is struggling academically, emotionally, or socially, before any minor issues turn into chronic or persistent problems. Effective treatment requires that they choose to accept help. We aim to create a safe space where they feel respected and their confidentiality is honored, without judgment. With time, our genuine engagement and organic rapport will allow for authentic and active relating, and direct feedback or advice. Our team at San Diego Psychotherapy Associates will compassionately meet them where they are at while holding everyone accountable for our actions.